"As we grow, we know we need our systems to flex with us. Working with Tim is allowing us to realise the growth potential of the business without some of the pains we hear others experience!"

Damian Davies, owner at The Timebank

Invest wisely in Technology

"I've worked with Tim Ng for over 10 years in two different companies. where he excels is taking the weird, half-baked ideas out of my head, and building a system that makes them work, be it a website, infrastructure or CRM"

Phil Young, Managing Director at threesixty services llp

Reduce operational costs

"I recently asked Tim to look at our business systems, processes and IT and advise on the purchase of some new IT software I was considering. Tim was able to fully understand our current position and what we needed as well as having considerable understanding of the IT we were looking to purchase. He has created some alternative solutions which have saved me considerable time, effort and expense. I recommend speaking to Tim to see if he can help you and your business."

Gareth Williams, Senior Partner at St. James's Place

Increase performance

"Tim has a natural talent for technology and was highly respected by myself and the company for his technical expertise. He continually looks forward to working with the latest technologies and was a great asset to the company for his skill set and professionalism."

Siraj Mohmed, Agile Project Manager, Coach & Scrum Master

Improve client satisfaction and profits

@CRM migrate

Clients we have worked with:

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Invest wisely in technology | Reduce operational costs | Increase performance | Increase client satisfaction | Increase company profits | Increase productivity | Disaster Recovery | Information Security | Business Continuity | Thinking of the Cloud | Operational efficiency

@CRM is focused on helping companies migrate across to Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Office 365. We help transform the way companies work to gain the full benefit. We help configure, migrate and develop Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Many small to medium sized companies want to grow and take advantage of Microsoft's new hosted packages or Dynamics CRM but do not have the expertise to take the next step. Going to large consultancies would not be cost effective. Contractors would only be able to implement the system but who would do the business analysis. The impact to the way you work would then be dealt with after the system has been put in place. Can you afford to gamble on that. @CRM covers all the bases by working with you on following areas:

  • Perform an impact analysis on areas that may be affected
  • Work with you at redesigning your processes and policies.
  • Help you look at the options, hosting, on-premise, licensing.
  • Work with you to analyse and collate your requirements.
  • Provide you with a plan for implementation for the system and roll out to areas.
  • Coaching and mentoring of teams and people to use the systems.
  • Continuous Development - helping you to instigate training programs and certification processes to attain the skills inhouse.
  • Help you configure and develop Dynamics CRM further, add bespoke functionality.

We do NOT provide the software or the hosting package, which means that we are completely independent when helping you source a solution.

You gain peace of mind, knowing that you are in control.

Contact us today for a discussion with no obligations or ask for a case study! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.