"As we grow, we know we need our systems to flex with us. Working with Tim is allowing us to realise the growth potential of the business without some of the pains we hear others experience!"

Damian Davies, owner at The Timebank

Invest wisely in Technology

"I've worked with Tim Ng for over 10 years in two different companies. where he excels is taking the weird, half-baked ideas out of my head, and building a system that makes them work, be it a website, infrastructure or CRM"

Phil Young, Managing Director at threesixty services llp

Reduce operational costs

"I recently asked Tim to look at our business systems, processes and IT and advise on the purchase of some new IT software I was considering. Tim was able to fully understand our current position and what we needed as well as having considerable understanding of the IT we were looking to purchase. He has created some alternative solutions which have saved me considerable time, effort and expense. I recommend speaking to Tim to see if he can help you and your business."

Gareth Williams, Senior Partner at St. James's Place

Increase performance

"Tim has a natural talent for technology and was highly respected by myself and the company for his technical expertise. He continually looks forward to working with the latest technologies and was a great asset to the company for his skill set and professionalism."

Siraj Mohmed, Agile Project Manager, Coach & Scrum Master

Improve client satisfaction and profits


Until the end of November 2014 for a reduced rate £385 saving 50% (or £485 if based in London)

I am offering a one day review of your current technology and systems to help determine whether they will meet your needs now and in the future. What you will get at the end will be a short report about the current state, potential risks, options and next steps. This will provide you with the basic information you can use to inform your next steps, how you intend to utilise technology to fulfill your business strategy. As a minimum it will remove any uncertainty and will give you a way forward.

What will be covered:

  • Onsite visit
  • Discovery section – brief section on the business, what you want to achieve and what you expect your IT to do.
  • Technology review – review of existing systems and setup.
  • Skills – review of current IT skills available
  • Risks – potential risk, current and future based on plans and systems
  • Information Security – based on their systems and processes
  • Review of vendor/supplier contracts
  • Options/next steps/remediation

You have recognised that technology is important, you want to do more with it but don't know where to start or would like some advice.

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