Steps to become Leaner

A common requirement for many businesses is to become leaner or more efficient, that is the main reason why businesses look to Kaizen, Agile, Six sigma etc.... for ways to achieve this. Each has it's own strengths.

When I started writing this blog post I was hoping to be able to provide a simple step by step high level guide to creating leaner processes. But as I progressed I found that without a context, some of the steps may not make sense but to prevent writing a lengthy post can I request that comments are made or queries emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will try and respond to all.

The steps below provide an outline and are not really specific to any of the methodologies mentioned above, but provide a condensed framework that can provide a start towards your chosen method.

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The Secret

There is no secret to a successful business, generally it is all down to hard work and graft. But the key ingredient is making sure that you have the right people in the right roles.

That's not to say that you don't need to come up with a killer product or service, fulfill a need.

Everyone looks for the silver bullet - looks for sure fire way to make their business a success. The best definition I have seen is in the book "Good to Great" by Jim Collins.

S = V * W * e

SUCCESS = Vision * Work * efficiency (efficiency = consistency * method)

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The AA for business or advisor?

I have not blogged for a while, with my focus on getting everything together for the new business.

  • Registering the company
  • Networking
  • Marketing
  • Financials
  • Sales Process, including unfortunately cold calling.
  • Systems - CRM, email, website etc... mostly free or very low cost.

End of the first month... Anyone who has setup a business will know what I am going through and the whole gamut of emotions, elation one minute, anxiety and doubt the next. You really cannot take anything for granted.

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European Commission predicts that the UK will need an additional 500,000 IT professionals by 2015

The European Commission predicts that the UK will need an additional 500,000 IT professionals by 2015

Many businesses have skills in house that need some mentoring and coaching but do not provide any which exacerbates the problem. With the right mentoring the junior person you have in house responsible for making sure the PCs can boot up, can turn into an invaluable resource tailor made for your business.

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How does the Heartbleed Bug affect you?

Everyone has probably heard about the heartbleed bug and the disastrous effect it can have on the use and stability of the internet. Some have gone as far as to insinuate that it is the end of the internet as we know it. But I wouldn't go that far. True it is a serious flaw in a protocol that is used by many to secure website, cloud systems, hosting and even hardware such as firewalls and web routers.

Many online services and websites you regularly use, will commonly use OpenSSL software. This software provides a secure, encrypted connection between you and the website or service. This is not a virus that you can protect yourself against with anti-virus software, or a firewall.

Initial advice was to change your passwords as soon as possible, soon recanted. Now the advice is to keep an eye on any website you use to see if:

  1. they have been affected,
  2. they have fixed it.

ONLY change your passwords if you know the flaw has been fixed.

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