Gameover Zeus

All the main media outlets are pulling out all the stops to make you aware of the danger the Gameover Zeus virus.

They are perpetuating the fear and anxiety of many, that's not to say there is nothing to worry about, but sensationalising it makes it worse as they cause confusion.

What do you need to know as an SME?

You are potentially at risk - so you do need to check. Follow the link to some tools that can help:

What is it?

It is malware, software that has spread worldwide but has been temporarily disabled by law enforcement agencies. 

The software infects a computer, usually via phishing scams (fake emails that lure you into fake websites or opening attachments which cause the infection), and then begins to send spam emails to lure in further victims, spreading quickly across the internet. It lays waits until it spots an opportunity to steal personal details such as online banking passwords and transmits that back to criminals. The hackers then use that data to steal the victim’s cash.

If a user turns out not to be a viable victim then the software can infect the computer with another piece of malware called CryptoLocker. This encrypts important files, denying access, and demands a ransom to release them. Currently the software demands one Bitcoin, which is around £300.

What can I do?

Potential victims can protect themselves by installing anti-virus software and updating their operating system to the latest version. Make sure you have backups of all your data, ensure that you can access the backups.

If running Windows, install the Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit:

Follow the advice from the Get Safe Online website: