What are we doing about Digital Skills?

There are serious concerns over the IT skills shortage. For businesses this is not good news. A recent survey by the CBI showed that 39 per cent of firms are already struggling to recruit workers with the technical skills they need, and 41 per cent of firms believe that the shortage will persist over the next three years.

In a recent article ths BCS stated, "in the software and applications development space there is a shortage of developers, especially in the UK where the digital economy is growing exponentially" (British Computer Society) http://www.bcs.org/content/conWebDoc/51573.

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Without WHY it's a Value Trap

Quick one today. Many businesses fall into the "value trap", constantly looking to ensure that everything they do provides value. In some cases they become so blinkered that looking for value is the be and end all.

Now you might think that this should be a sure fire way to improve your business but it can do the complete opposite. It can cause you to lose focus and forget the reason why you started the business in the first place, you become so engrossed in looking for and measuring the value of every idea and task.

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The three amigos, or four?

It has been a while since my last post. Whilst spending my time writing client proposals it occurred to me that as different from one another as industries might appear there are many similarities in the top 3 underlying drivers of profitability (well ones we can control).

  • Strategy
  • Operations
  • People

These are the three amigos, they don’t work if separated and only work well if all are in agreement. To save the town (business) they must all sing (literally) from the same hymn sheet. Those of you who have seen the film know what I mean – if you haven’t seen it then get it for a lazy Saturday.

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Change is constant

Change is coming! Or should I say is always with us – the only constant in business is change.

It is no longer a given that all change and transformation is driven by the IT departments in our businesses any longer, isolating IT is like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

IT budgets and change are moving towards the user – grey IT is no longer grey but maybe the IT function of the future. We are in the agile age, everything is about agility and being lean, needing things as quick as possible - time to market is critical.

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Gameover Zeus

All the main media outlets are pulling out all the stops to make you aware of the danger the Gameover Zeus virus.

They are perpetuating the fear and anxiety of many, that's not to say there is nothing to worry about, but sensationalising it makes it worse as they cause confusion.

What do you need to know as an SME?

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