"As we grow, we know we need our systems to flex with us. Working with Tim is allowing us to realise the growth potential of the business without some of the pains we hear others experience!"

Damian Davies, owner at The Timebank

Invest wisely in Technology

"I've worked with Tim Ng for over 10 years in two different companies. where he excels is taking the weird, half-baked ideas out of my head, and building a system that makes them work, be it a website, infrastructure or CRM"

Phil Young, Managing Director at threesixty services llp

Reduce operational costs

"I recently asked Tim to look at our business systems, processes and IT and advise on the purchase of some new IT software I was considering. Tim was able to fully understand our current position and what we needed as well as having considerable understanding of the IT we were looking to purchase. He has created some alternative solutions which have saved me considerable time, effort and expense. I recommend speaking to Tim to see if he can help you and your business."

Gareth Williams, Senior Partner at St. James's Place

Increase performance

"Tim has a natural talent for technology and was highly respected by myself and the company for his technical expertise. He continually looks forward to working with the latest technologies and was a great asset to the company for his skill set and professionalism."

Siraj Mohmed, Agile Project Manager, Coach & Scrum Master

Improve client satisfaction and profits

Timothy Ng - Managing Director

Clients we have worked with:

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Technologist and Delivery Specialist.


Tim has had a career spanning over 16 years. Leading business transformations using Service Design and Agile practises, with a varied portfolio of successful projects involving operations and technology. He has held a variety of roles and positions ranging from Head of ... through to board roles - IT\Operations Director.


Tim specialises in helping businesses with Business Process Change and Technology roadmaps. Encompassing strategy, development operations, technical lead, operational efficiency, coaching and mentoring. Always looking for innovative ways to help clients improve and achieve operational excellence, focusing on profitability through the use of operational techniques or new technology. The adoption of new technologies, especially online and social networking is now seen as a key differentiator for businesses providing new avenues and opportunities to explore.

Clients would recommend Tim for the following reasons:

  1. Helping them turn their blue sky strategy into a clear and structured approach. Alleviating the pressure, helping them remove themselves from the daily grind, leading to more blue sky thinking.
  2. Helping with continuous improvement and redefinition of out-dated and out-moded operational processes to achieve operational excellence.
  3. Helping them master digital and information technology as competitive tools.
  4. Giving them peace of mind knowing that they are investing and measuring the right things.
  5. His ability to identify potential cost savings, drive revenue growth and streamline processes through the use of technology allows him to help businesses increase revenue and\or decrease costs to support business development. 
  6. Tim has also repeatedly demonstrated his ability to recruit, develop and motivate employees and teams for many businesses. He enjoys inspiring and guiding managers to operate at a higher level and support their professional development.

Examples of areas that Tim can help: Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Change Management, Operational efficiency, Microsoft technologies i.e. SQL Server, C#, Dynamics CRM, Cloud services, Recruit and manage development teams, AGILE practices, SCRUM, Technical lead for Microsoft projects.


His experiences in Financial Services, Search Engine Marketing and Consultancy sectors within FTSE 100 large and small businesses, provides Tim with the experience and unique perspective that would benefit many businesses regardless of the size or sector. The last 10 years includes the Financial Services industry with leading service organisations. Search Engine Marketing sector in one of the leading SEM service companies, working with the likes of Overture, Google and MIVA.

Technology Trends

Tim stays abreast with new and emerging technology trends which can deliver real returns to businesses. Currently looking into the open sourced Big Data technologies such as Hadoop, Talend, NoSQL. 

Contact Us

If you would like to talk further please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +44 (0) 786 652 9284. At the very least I may be able to provide some insight to any difficulties you may be experiencing!

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