"As we grow, we know we need our systems to flex with us. Working with Tim is allowing us to realise the growth potential of the business without some of the pains we hear others experience!"

Damian Davies, owner at The Timebank

Invest wisely in Technology

"I've worked with Tim Ng for over 10 years in two different companies. where he excels is taking the weird, half-baked ideas out of my head, and building a system that makes them work, be it a website, infrastructure or CRM"

Phil Young, Managing Director at threesixty services llp

Reduce operational costs

"I recently asked Tim to look at our business systems, processes and IT and advise on the purchase of some new IT software I was considering. Tim was able to fully understand our current position and what we needed as well as having considerable understanding of the IT we were looking to purchase. He has created some alternative solutions which have saved me considerable time, effort and expense. I recommend speaking to Tim to see if he can help you and your business."

Gareth Williams, Senior Partner at St. James's Place

Increase performance

"Tim has a natural talent for technology and was highly respected by myself and the company for his technical expertise. He continually looks forward to working with the latest technologies and was a great asset to the company for his skill set and professionalism."

Siraj Mohmed, Agile Project Manager, Coach & Scrum Master

Improve client satisfaction and profits

Examples of benefits accrued

Experience gained working within Financial Services, Search Engine Marketing and Consultancy sectors within FTSE 100, large and small businesses. Last 10 years includes the Financial Services industry with leading service organisations. Search Engine Marketing sector in leading SEM service companies, working with the likes of Overture, Google and MIVA.

Thought leader in technology and knowledgeable in areas such as due diligence, operational continuity and cloud services. I understand the pressures that businesses are under to reduce costs and/or improve productivity. I help companies master digital and information technology as competitive tools to explore new ways of working. Innovative at developing enterprise and agile solutions that are aligned to profitable business objectives.

Below are some of the examples of the benefits accrued by businesses working with us, for more examples please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:

  1. Provide technology strategies working with business owners, executive boards and senior management – leading to returns on investment. The technology strategy must mirror the value statement and culture of the business, for example, if the business model is agile then the technology strategy must focus on agility
  2. Implementation of Electronic Contracts introduced to reduce the sales pipeline to reduce time required to close a sale by up to 25%. Leading to improved conversion rates by 10% in 6 months.
  3. Due diligence on vendors and providers, considering aspects such as information security, business continuity, disaster recovery, financial stability and support available.
  4. Request for Information (RFI) processes for new systems including contract negotiations with systems and service providers to minimise risk of investing in new systems. Typically saving 20% in costs – varies depending on the type of system and service.
  5. Provide peace of mind to business owners and boards as involvement can range from a strategic level project management through to being as hands on as required. This has been the case in many instances when building teams and processes.
  6. Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, replacing spreadsheets and access databases. Reduced the risk of critical data being held in inappropriate places and enhanced access controls. Improved quality of MI, providing more timely and accurate information to board and staff. 
  7. Operational review of all processes to provide more measurable KPIs, for example, sales process to identify effort, quality of leads, conversion rates, source of leads and measurement of time for the full sales pipeline allowing changes to be made in relation to any issues identified. Making the business more proactive in its approach rather than just reactive.
  8. Development of a Time logging system allowing business to control and reduce costs and overheads saving tens of thousands. Tighter budgetary control on overheads and costs, before implementation usually over budget.
  9. Identification of an online direct debit payment system, performed due diligence and reviews. Working with Financial Director to save time and administration effort to reconcile the payments and accounts via standing order. Reduces the time on chasing for payments and standing order mandates. Allows the business to improve accuracy and on-time payments by clients with real time views via a dashboard. Critically allows the businesses to achieve a strategic objective of moving from Standing orders to Direct Debits.
  10. Designed and ensured delivery of websites to allow proof of concept approaches to prove a business premise – saving setup fees of tens of thousands. Provided a Lean approach to multiple service offerings.
  11. Redesigned and ensured delivery of a bespoke keyword monitoring system (using APIs from Google, Overture, MIVA etc...) from monitoring 250,000 keyword terms to over 5 million within 5 months an increase 1900%. Development strategy and policies to deliver revenue targets of +25%. Through increase management and monitoring of keywords, allowing for increased performance. The more time saved and more accurate the bid pricing improved the profitability of the business.
  12. Designed and developed client extranet and website to provide a self-service portal to 7000+ users. Reducing strain on direct contact by over 50%.
  13. Social media policies and new technologies open up new avenues and opportunities for the businesses, allowing economies of scale not usually available.
  14. Designed and development of new systems focused on integrating with third parties. Creating efficiencies for the business to reduce reliance on administration, improve accuracy of budgetary control and calculations of commission payments. Reduced user interaction in multiple processes to achieve quicker and more accurate completion.
  15. Working with the business to focus on best practice as appropriate – very much determined by the culture and the business values and objectives. Examples of best practice implementation, ISO 27001, BS 25999, ISO9000.