"As we grow, we know we need our systems to flex with us. Working with Tim is allowing us to realise the growth potential of the business without some of the pains we hear others experience!"

Damian Davies, owner at The Timebank

Invest wisely in Technology

"I've worked with Tim Ng for over 10 years in two different companies. where he excels is taking the weird, half-baked ideas out of my head, and building a system that makes them work, be it a website, infrastructure or CRM"

Phil Young, Managing Director at threesixty services llp

Reduce operational costs

"I recently asked Tim to look at our business systems, processes and IT and advise on the purchase of some new IT software I was considering. Tim was able to fully understand our current position and what we needed as well as having considerable understanding of the IT we were looking to purchase. He has created some alternative solutions which have saved me considerable time, effort and expense. I recommend speaking to Tim to see if he can help you and your business."

Gareth Williams, Senior Partner at St. James's Place

Increase performance

"Tim has a natural talent for technology and was highly respected by myself and the company for his technical expertise. He continually looks forward to working with the latest technologies and was a great asset to the company for his skill set and professionalism."

Siraj Mohmed, Agile Project Manager, Coach & Scrum Master

Improve client satisfaction and profits

NED and Consultancy. Operations, Technology and Innovation. Make the most of your investment in technology and teams.

Clients we have worked with:

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Always looking to help ambitious start-ups or SMEs develop and grow, providing a technology and development advisory service. De-risk and increase your capital value, bring technology to the forefront.

Experience in Financial Services,Digital Marketing and Consultancy sectors within FTSE 100, large and small businesses.

Helping you develop and grow, increase the capital value of your business.

See my latest video on Big Data from the UKFast Round table on Big Data and how it can help SMEs (on the right).

For more topical videos go to the Videos.

How can we help?

In four steps we simplify and turn your blue sky into reality.

Scryla specialises in digital transformation for business benefit and growth; I provide a technology and operations advisory service. Encompassing strategy, technology roadmaps, development operations, technical lead, coaching and mentoring. Most clients sign up for a one day discovery visit to review their current state, this provides them with a review and a high level proposal. Look at our Testimonials to see how we have helped others then contact us.

4 steps to success

  1. Comprehend
  2. Simplify
  3. Plan
  4. Execute

We use a multi-disciplined approach to help you transform your blue sky into something concrete, to achieve positive business outcomes. We help focus your DevOps, de-risk and provide support to a number of key areas; operational, business development, technology, architecture, information security etc... Discover the advantage of lean technology and operational processes.

The challenge for business owners is to find the time for blue sky thinking, to remove themselves from the daily grind. As you get bigger the harder it is, you need help to alleviate the pressure - to take off some of those hats you wear day in day out. But to do so you would need more resources you cannot afford - maybe not. Scryla's on demand service can help.

Transform your business - poor performance is down to the lack of agility in a business, bogged down by manual, out dated or incorrect processes. Solve this and find a better way!

Help to implement ISO27001/2, BS25999, ISO9001 or ITIL standards.

Choose @DIRECTION for business.... or choose @DEVELOP for technology companies.

Invest wisely in technology | Reduce operational costs | Increase performance | Increase client satisfaction | Increase company profits | Increase productivity | Disaster Recovery | Information Security | Business Continuity | Thinking of the Cloud | Operational efficiency

The right people, operational strength allied to purpose and clarity form the foundation for longevity. Many businesses strive for this but either don't have the time or experience to instigate the initiatives required.

Operations and technology are important pieces of the jigsaw to allow a business to achieve the vision but neither can be successful without the right people.

An example of change: Technology as an Accelerator.

"Good-to-great companies think differently about the role of technology. They never use technology as the primary means of igniting a transformation. Yet, paradoxically, they are pioneers in the application of carefully selected technologies." - Jim Collins, Good to Great

Considering the cloud? reviewing your existing technologies and systems? looking at operations, wondering what to do next? Technology induced change is nothing new. The real question is not "What is the role of technology", it is "How can technology get us to point B quicker?"

Many growing businesses are adopting new technologies and social networking to explore new avenues and opportunities. They are encountering issues such as data protection, operational changes, cloud services, cultural challenges etc.... Scryla fills that gap to provide all businesses with access to the knowledge and experience gained working across sectors in many businesses. 

Protect your business and grow - gain peace of mind knowing that you are investing and measuring the right things. Quality and flow of information is core to a business and it's ability to make a profit. 

[Scry]: verb: "to scry" - to look into the future and see the possibilities.

[Scryla]: noun: instrument to help you see the future possibilities and to achieve them.


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